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We have had several community "clean up" days at Strawbridge Lake.

Young's Landscaping completed an edging cleanup for the entire length of Haines Dr.

Thank You to our donors!

Doug & Cathie Andersen

Liz Burrbetta

Sarah Clarke

Laura Cooper

Pat & Chet Dawson

The Drachowski Family


Colleen Fee

Councilwoman/Deputy Mayor Nicole Gillespie

Donna Graham

The Gravenstine Family

Joesph Gross

Lynn Haynes

The Hogg Family

Lauren Jones

Stephen Kapostas

Frank Keith

Sam Lepore

Rebecca Little

Bruce McGarvey

Anthony Mongo

Frederick Moran

The Mullock Family

Assemblywoman Carol Murphy

The Napolitano Family

Mayor Lisa Petriello

Barbara Rich

The Sample Family

Lynne & Dave Schill

Senator Troy Singleton

Manning Smith

Mike Stefanko

STEM-Save the Environment of Moorestown


Robert & Victoria Wolff

Young's Landscape Management

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